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Ideamakr is an Orange County based software development house. We build websites, ecommerce sites, mobile apps, complex webapps and much more. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and startups build their ideas. Hence our name "Idea Maker".

Oftentimes, new entrepreneurs have a great idea but have no experience in getting things done. That's where we step in. We guide our clients through the difficult journey of bringing an idea to reality.

The reason we are so effective and helping entpreneurs is because we are a boutique agency with specialists in every part of the process. Our cloud computing experts can set up, configure and maintain your servers in the cloud. We have used cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean to build scalable server farms for our customers.

For websites we use either Wordpress or Django. Wordpress is useful for many small and medum sized businesses (SMBs) due to it's wealth of plugins. When you need a new feature, chances are Wordpress has a plugin for it. This can save you money in development costs.

Django is an enterprise level framework for python. We use this for situations requiring greater customization or scale. Cost of development can be higher but performance can also be better. Django is a framework powering apps such as Instagram so you can be assured it can handle whatever you need.

Whatever your technical needs, you can count on Ideamakr to bring your idea to life.

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